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Gate valve, Globe valve, Angle Globe valve, SDNR valve, Angle SDNR valve, Check valve, Swing check valve, Wafer Check valve, 2-way Ball valve, 3-way Ball valve, Needle valve, Foot valve, Strainer, Fire hydrant valve, Diaphragm valve, Storm valve, Valve Chest, Mud box, Plug valve, Self-Closing valve, Push valve, Pressure Relief valve, Quick Closing Valve and Air valves details with their manufacturers, agents and dealers name is available in this B2B platform.

Different types of valves are available in Bronze, Gunmetal, Cast Iron, Cast steel, Stainless steel, Forged carbon steel, and Forged stainless steel material. Available valvesare manufactured and constructed in Screwed in bonnet, Union bonnet, Bolted bonnet, Screwed ends, Flanged ends, One side screwed, one side flanged, Socket weld ends, Solder ends, Indicator and locking type.

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